You feel lost, hopeless, and alone. Sex looks easy for everyone else. Nowhere to turn, you continue the same old habits. You know you want things to change but don’t know where to begin. But you continue to spiral, the shame deepens, and with no one to turn to the voice gets louder- there must be something wrong with me.

Today you can take the courageous step to do something different.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is psychotherapy that focuses on sexual issues, love, and relationships. So often in society, and even in therapy, sex can be seen as a taboo that does not get the attention it demands. Whether you are an individual or in a couple relationship we can help you feel confident in your body and your ability to give and receive pleasure.

We can help you work with: 

Gaps in Sexual Desire

Healing sexual trauma

Relationship Issues


Sexual Pain/Pelvic Pain

Gender Identity 

Non-traditional relationships


Support for sex workers

BDSM/ Kink/ Fetishes

Erectile dysfunction/Erectile Issues

Ejaculatory Issues

Counseling for sex workers


Out of Control Sexual Behavior/ Sex addiction

Orgasm issues

LGBTQ/Identity and orientation

Some of the most tender parts of who we are


Intimacy, love, and sex are deeply tied to our personal identity. Whether you are in a relationship, feel like sex is running your life, wishing you could be more sexual, or do not enjoy sex - there is often sex negative messaging that has been internalized by our society, family, and relationships. Looking around, everyone else seems to be normal, you may feel embarrassed and ashamed that you are struggling with sex concerns

Sex therapy that invites all of you

We strive to offer an environment where topics about sex are not only compassionately welcomed but honored and celebrated. No subject is off limits. We know that it can be a challenge to bring forward these parts of yourself which may be deeply tied in with guilt and shame. We’ve been there too. Our approach to sex therapy is to offer a non-judgemental framework to guide you through the process of healing, feeling confident as a lover, and creating the sex and relationships you want to have.

Send a brief message with the best times to chat and we will reach out to you shortly.  If you are a couple please list the best times both of you can chat, we do consults with couples on the line together. We look forward to speaking with you!