Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Do you watch pornography compulsively knowing it's causing pain to your partner but you can’t stop?


Are you consumed with sexual activity outside of your relationship and hiding it from you partner?


Do you feel like you prioritize your sexual desires to other daily activities on a regular basis?

Many individuals struggling from out of control sexual behavior feel guilty about the kind of sex they want and how often they want to have it.  Your compulsion may center around porn, chat rooms, random hook ups, escorts, or a fetish you are struggling with.  You worry you are sick and  that you are not a good person. You may have made multiple attempts to stop on your own to no avail knowing it is sabotaging your relationship or family. 

Feel Empowered and In Control

Imagine a life where you have the freedom to choose sexual actions that feel most in line with your vision of sexual health. In sex therapy we treat the underlying causes of behavior instead of treating sex addiction as a mental illness. The result is freedom. Freedom to have choice in your actions, freedom to live without shame, and engagement with your yourself and others around sex & accountability. Unlike substances, sexuality is an integral part of being human, and a requires treatment that integrates this part of ourselves rather than try to eradicate it.

We don't think you are "sick" or an "addict." 

Sex Addiction vs. Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Sex Addiction is a highly controversial topic both in the field of addiction and mental health. The work of Dr. Patrick Carnes coined the term Sex Addiction in 2001. He claimed that “Sex Addiction” is similar to other forms of addiction (e.g., alcohol and drugs), in that individuals were powerless over their behavior. This work was founded on speculative correlations drawn between the empirically researched field of substance addiction, and sexual behavior. In this view, Sex Addiction is considered and illness and disorder (Carnes, 2001). To this day, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5) & American Psychological Association (APA, 2018) have abstained from adding Sex Addiction to the list of recognized mental health conditions.


Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB) is a term that emerged in 2014 by Douglas Braun-Harvey. His groundbreaking work reconsiders popular notions of addictive sex. His innovative treatment approach for people experiencing sexual lives beyond their control moves away from a pathologizing approach towards one that highlight their strengths and ability to change. "Out of control sexual behavior" (OCSB) is defined as a sexual health problem in which consensual sexual urges, thoughts, or behaviors feel out of control. As opposed to a clinical disorder, OCSB is framed as a behavioral problem within the normal range of sexual expression. Braun-Harvey views Out of Control Sexual Behavior as a sexual problem, not a sexual disorder or illness.

Feeling strong, at ease, and sexually satisfied is entirely possible. 

We help individuals manage undesirable urges and behavior that feel out of control. We help couples to bring to light sexual behavior that has caused the relationship turmoil and help rebuild trust and strengthen their relationships.

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