Ready to reignite the passion and desire in you relationship? 

Time to stop the fighting, and start connecting.

Are you at each other’s throats stuck fighting about the same things? Did your sex life start great and is now nonexistent because of kids, work, and stress? Have problems with past sexual experiences led to you feeling frustrated, lonely, and unable to access your desire?

Perhaps a recent infidelity has left you and your partner feeling unable to trust each other or move on. You are feeling misunderstood, silenced, and taken for granted after all the years you have spent in your relationship and unable to get through to your partner. It could be after years of cohabitation have you started to feel like you are more roommates than lovers. Maybe you wish you could bring back the fun, loving, passionate version of yourself and your partner, get on the same page, and enjoy are more intimate, loving, and connected relationship.

What we work with:

Spicing things up in the bedroom

Breakdowns in communication

Overwhelm with life stressors: family, work, finances

Gaps in sexual desire

Opening up the relationship/non-monogamy/polyamory

Compulsive arguing

Shutting down

Avoiding conflict

Anger issues

Passive aggressive cycles

Holding resentments



Neediness/clinginess Kink/BDSM

Exploration Out of Control Sexual Behavior/sex addiction

You can get through this together

and come out stronger

All Couples Come up Against Difficult Challenges

Being in a relationship is hard work and inevitably issues arise that feel hard to work through alone. Sometimes Infidelity, communication breakdowns, and sexual issues can actually be an opportunity to deepen into your relationship and help you get back on track. Do you feel like you are at a standstill? Getting the help you need to heal your relationship is the first step to breaking old patterns. Often couples simply do not know where to start either because the problems have been going on for so long that change seems unattainable, or feel blindsided by what has just happened, frozen in fear. Either way, coming into couples therapy and committing to taking care of your relationship is the first step to meaningful change.

Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) 

We specialize in couples and integrate the most current and innovate couples therapy models. Our approach is centered around PACT A Psychobiological Apporach to Couples Therapy developed by Stan Tatkin while also integrating Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Family Systems, and The Gottman Method. 


The PACT model allows couples to feel seen and understood by the other: in your sadness, longing, desire, and frustrations. When you truly feel seen and understood, the tightness and frustrations may melt away and invite space for something new.


Some basic principles of the PACT method:


Attachment. We all want to be loved and cared for. In therapy, we’ll work toward building and maintaining a secure attachment in your relationship, one which you each are looking out for each other and responding to the other’s needs.


Regulation. When our emotions take over, our survival instincts kick in. We act to protect ourselves, which can often be hurtful to others. We work to help you both manage your feelings to stay within a range where you can listen and understand the other’s perspective and feelings.


Automatic Responses. Since being close to our partner is so crucial for all of us, we usually respond to cues from them with a fast, automatic reaction—such as changing our tone or subtly becoming more distant. Most of the time, we don’t even know we do this, but our partner is still unconsciously affected in a huge way. Learning to recognize your automatic reactions—and what they mean for yourself and your partner—is a big step toward a more connected and satisfying relationship.

Relationships can be hard work but when you learn to move through your conflicts with more ease you there is opportunity for more passion and connection that follows. 

Send a brief message with the best times to chat and we will reach out to you shortly.  If you are a couple please list the best times both of you can chat, we do consults with couples on the line together. We look forward to speaking with you!