Our Vision 

We founded The Love, Sex, and Gender Center because we believe everyone has the right to feel vibrancy and fulfillment in their love and sex lives.  Love, pleasure, and sex are integral to our human experience.


We are a collective of sex and relationship therapists who are passionate about informing and empowering our community through psychotherapy, coaching, sex-positive workshops, events, and entertainment. 

K. Michelle Johnson, MA

Sex & Couples Therapy/Coaching

I am a psychotherapist, coach, yoga teacher, musician, artist, and dog lover. I am passionate about the effectiveness of psychotherapy and coaching to empower individuals and couples to create fulfilling relationships and satisfying sex lives.

My Master’s degree is in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University; this is a holistic and mindful approach to psychotherapy. I believe that we are more than just talking heads and therapy is most healing when integrating mind, body, heart and soul. I have completed advanced trainings in couples and sex therapy at Denver Family Institute, as well as through a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT). I am a level II PACT therapist. I love working with both individuals and couples. I am constantly in awe of the healing, joy, and deep connection I am honored to witness everyday in my office.

My purpose is to help people of all genders and orientations to embrace their sexuality and call in the love they want. I fully believe you can create the love, confidence, sex, and relationship you desire.  

Sophia O'Connor,MA

Sex Therapy & Couples Therapy

I currently provide culturally sensitive, sex-positive therapy to individuals living non-normative lifestyles in Boulder Colorado. My practice is built on the fundamental belief that sexual liberation is an issue of both social justice and mental health. Sexuality runs so deeply through every area of a person’s life. Understanding one’s sexuality and owning it, giving it permission to fully express itself, leads to a more pleasurable, assertive, fulfilling life.


Be it with couples or individuals, my commitment is to help my clients feel empowered by their sex life and at ease with others.


I graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. I work to bring mindfulness to our understanding of human sexuality and the non-normative.

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Human Sexuality at The California Institute of Integral Studies. My therapy practice remains in Boulder, Colorado. I am also a certified level II (PACT) couple's therapist. 

Lyndsey Lyons, MA 

Sex Therapy & Couples Therapy

My passion is to help clients understand and channel their wellspring of sexual energy towards meaningful and deep connections with themselves and others. I have walked the path of sexual healing in my own life - from abuse, shame, and repression to self love, acceptance, and empowerment.


I believe sexuality can be a gateway into the soul. While we may start by exploring a piece of your sexuality, I find the work often includes many aspects of your life which we will tailor to your unique experience. I compliment my practice with somatic attachment and trauma work, aimed to build a strong foundation for intimacy and pleasure. I work with couples and individuals around BDSM, non-monogamy, sex addiction, fear of intimacy, and exploring gender and sexual orientation.


I graduated from Naropa University with an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy. I have completed Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience level 1-4 (DARe), PACT Couples Therapy (level 1) and have studied and practice Tantra Sexuality. In addition to my therapy practice, I work at a center that integrates psychotherapy and psychedelics (knowingbody.org).

Send a brief message with the best times to chat and we will reach out to you shortly.  If you are a couple please list the best times both of you can chat, we do consults with couples on the line together. We look forward to speaking with you!