Explore the Pleasure of Your Erotic Self

We are Sex Therapists and Educators 

K. Michelle Johnson, MA
Sophia O'Connor, MA
Lyndsey Lyons, MA

The Sex, Love, and Gender center welcomes you to be your authentic unbridled self! Our focus is to support you to thrive through strong relationships and a healthy connection to your sexuality. 


Through experiential embodiment, our workshops focus on spicing things up for couples, consent-based sex education for young adults, healthy relationships, and tantra. Workshops provide a fun space to discover more about your sexual and relational self in a supported space. Find out more here.


Our psychotherapy is culturally inclusive, and welcomes all of who you are in our space. We offer a wide range of therapeutic models between three staffed clinicians on our team. Our goal is to provide you with accessible therapeutic services, with individual, couples, and group therapy offered. Find out more about sex therapy here.  Find out more about couples therapy here.


We offer events that bridge the gap between education and entertainment. We believe that storytelling, humor, and vulnerability will help shift our culture to embrace sex positivity. We provide opportunities for the community to gather, learn, laugh, and de-stigmatize sex and pleasure. Find out more about our storytelling event Bedpost Confessions; stories told through lines of humor and vulnerability. Find out more here.

Send a brief message with the best times to chat and we will reach out to you shortly.  If you are a couple please list the best times both of you can chat, we do consults with couples on the line together. We look forward to speaking with you!